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Jewish Film Festival

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the upcoming seventeenth season of the Treasure Coast Jewish Film Festival series.  These past two years have been very challenging for all of us.  We are indebted to our film distributors for making the films available to us virtually, to our Rabbis for continuing the Sunday discussions via Zoom, but more than anything to you, our audience, who stayed with us through these awful 2 years. 

Plans have now been finalized for the 2022-2023 season, and a flyer describing the films, dates and venues is enclosed.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS A DATE CHANGE IN APRIL.  Due to our concern about keeping everyone as safe as possible, and due to unknown COVID updates from the CDC in the fall, at this time the November, December and January films will continue to be virtual. We will continue to reevaluate the CDC recommendations through the fall.

We are sending this notice to you in advance of the general announcement, hoping that you will consider becoming a patron for the 2022-2023 series.  Patron ticket prices will remain at $30.00 per person, or $60.00 per couple and Patrons will be acknowledged in the program.  Series tickets will remain at 25.00 per person, or $50.00 per couple.  Individual ticket prices will remain at $6.00 per person payable either on line, or at the door once we can safely reopen.  Checks for either patrons or the series should be made payable to TCJFF and mailed to Joan Weissman-Burton, 248 NW Liseron Way, Port St. Lucie, Florida 34986.

Please visit our website: where you can view trailers of the upcoming films, along with general information regarding the film festival. We had planned to have a celebration luncheon for our 15th anniversary and a “Sweet 16” celebration last April, however they had to be cancelled due to COVID.  We are hopefully anticipating a celebration luncheon in April for our sensational 17th anniversary, COVID permitting. Information will be forthcoming at a later date.  Hope to “see” you at the movies.


NOVEMBER 13, 2022


Based on a true story. Jews who have survived the Holocaust vow to avenge their people-“an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. They infiltrate German drinking water companies and plan to poison the water and kill six million men, women and children, one for each of the six million Jewish men, women and children slaughtered.


DECEMBER 11, 2022


A love story between clashing cultures and families. A romantic misadventure crossing all Borders. When two generations of Israeli women fall for a German woman and a Palestinian man, chaos follows.


JANUARY 8, 2023


In a Syrian border village, Sero attends school for the first time. There is a new teacher whose goal is to turn all into Arabists who hate Jews and love Assad. Siro is confused because his neighbors are a good Jewish family.


FEBRUARY 12, 2023


A orthodox Rabbi is asked to enter a dance contest. Due to his beliefs, he is not allowed to touch his partner. He creates a plan without sacrificing his or his family’s beliefs.



MARCH 12, 2023


Almost half the players on the Israeli national soccer team are Muslim including the captain. In a European tournament they are taunted by racist fans as well as the media.   


APRIL16, 2023


Dov is a widower and is sent to live in a nursing home and feels he is in jail. He dreams of rebuying his old home. Dov discovers you can buy cannabis legally in the home and this is his way out.

There are no upcoming events at this time.


Mon, October 2 2023 17 Tishrei 5784